Posts on this blog will only point to the profile of users, and mention any reason for sanction given in edit profiles. Speculation about why people have been banned or blocked will not be entertained. BNBR applies in comments.

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12 thoughts on “2017-08-30”

  1. Ya don’t need to abide by Quora rules any longer. I know it’s a template but…eh. Speculation could probably be very much allowed. =P

    1. I seem to remember Quora sometimes enforcing BNBR on off-site actions and comments, if those pertained to Quora users or had a Quora-centric context (say, harassing another Quora user over Facebook).

      Either fortunately or unfortunately, Quora has a broad definition of “harassment,” and I believe they classify speculating on bans as such, even if the person in question doesn’t care or is part of the conversation. So it’s possible that Nick is just trying to cover his bases.

      1. If that were true, people who have in the past actively harassed Quora users by openly planning it on other sites such as Facebook, or on their own blogs would have been banned. But they operate with impunity, and the persons banned are often instead the ones who are harassed, when they are so unwise to hit back on Quora, expecting Quora to protect them.

        Quora is quite explicit in its BNBR policy that it applies to the site itself, and to other Quorans on the site.

        I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to be careful, but I don’t see the need. It’s not like I am going to rip into people anyway, but I am planning to be more outspoken — about Quora probably more than about people. Unless Nick explicitly says not to, of course.

        1. I disagree, for what little (as of tonight, *very* little) it’s worth: Quora by my reckoning is more lenient about criticism of Quora than of criticism of other users. John Gragson made Top Writer after all, and he was pretty surprised about it.

          I think ripping into Quora has always been fair game, off Quora or on Quora. (And I will certainly now be doing some ripping into Quora off Quora.) I’d still rather we keep the ad hominem against other users down, not because I’m likely to disagree, but because this is still going to end up a venue for tattle-tales. Someone reported that since-deleted post, after all. And, more importantly, because it’s ultimately counterproductive.

          1. Not sure what here disagrees with what I said? I was taking issue with Quora acting on off-site commentary of Quora users; I don’t believe I have ever seen that happen, and instead I’ve seen the opposite happen.

            . Oh, now I see it. When I said “Quora is quite explicit in its BNBR policy that it applies to the site itself, and to other Quorans on the site. ” you read that differently from how I meant it; sorry I was unclear. Quora is explicit in its BNBR policy that it applies to user content on the site itself, and to other Quorans on the site. I.e. you may not disparage any Quoran or the content of any Quoran on Quora itself. What you do elsewhere, Quora doesn’t care about. What you say about non-Quorans, Quora doesn’t care about. I’ve always wondered what would happen if Trump got a Quora account and actually participated. 😉

            I agree that Quora doesn’t seem all that sensitive to themselves as a company being attacked, including parts of the company such as Quora Moderation as a whole, or Quora management.

            Not planning on any ad hominem, but maybe more speculation about what gets people banned.

      2. If you could hear me screaming into my voice recognition software right now…

        Quora itself doesn’t keep BNBR standards for off-site interactions.

        This Is actually the second thing I’ve written to you-I deleted the first one out of courtesy to Nick so it wouldn’t drag the focus of his blog down.

        Suffice to say, quora staff have taken up personal problems with users off site before. It wasn’t pretty.

        We aren’t here for that.

        We should focus on what we came for, not on Petty vengeful speechifying.

        If it’s relevant, say it. Anyway you have to say it, say it. Curse,scream, shake the rafters- all good.

        What’s not good as boundless speculation without a focus to help the situation at hand.

        We all get angry about the Injustice of the situation. Make no mistake, Quora has earned the anger.

        What they have haven’t earned is the fun of watching us dissent into savagery. We shouldn’t keep the BNBR here because of anything quora might do to us: we should keep it because we are us, and we’re better than that.

    2. I don’t *need* to, but I have no confidence that offsite talk by Quora users won’t be held against them on Quora itself.

    3. Big Brother’s hand reaches right into your living room. (Err, maybe that should be an eye/sight analogy.)

      There’s no longer any safe place to escape ubiquitous corporate control.

      1. So no exact details as to which five things were the five violations?

        How is this even remotely ethical?

        And something over a year ago has the additional mitigating factor of not having done anything wrong for over a year. Think of it as self Rehabilitation.

        Really, they should have just sent a warning and deleted/edited/collapsed the content. It’s not like they didn’t have any options.

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