Appeal Rejected

See: Appeal lodged

Charlie (Quora)

Aug 28, 4:21 PM PDT

Hello Nick,

Your content was in violation of our Be Nice, Be Respectful policy. This core Quora principle requires that people treat other people on the site with civility, respect, and consideration. To learn more about this policy, please visit:…. From the policy:

Attacks against other people are not allowed on Quora, nor are disrespectful or insulting attacks directed at other people’s content. People should be civil and respectful in disagreement with others and should not (1) make attacks or otherwise disparage other people, (2) refer to other people’s content with insulting or disrespectful language, (3) harass others on the site or (4) advocate self-harm, even in a joking manner.

Our decision is final, and your content will not be reinstated.

If you see content that is objectionable, we suggest you either report or downvote it. You can report questions, answers, comments, and messages by clicking on the “Report” link which is located underneath the content.

We appreciate your understanding.


User Operations

No, Charlie. You will have no understanding from me over this.

When I get a spare minute, I will migrate this blog somewhere safer. There are other consequences to this notice for my motivations and presence here, which I will need time to mull over.

At least this rejection came across in less than two months. I’ll give them that. In fact, it’s the first rejection I’ve seen. (And it isn’t even my benburr, it’s Zeibura’s.)

13 thoughts on “Appeal Rejected”

    1. What makes you think Charlie ever reviewed anything at all involving sending that form letter?

      There’s nothing there it looks like was generated by an actual human being.

  1. Nice place you’ve got here, Nick. Looking forward to more.

    How would you get email updates from this site?

  2. Nice place you’ve got here, Nick. Looking forward to more.

    How would you get email updates from this site?

  3. I’m on Blogger, not WordPress. How do I know how to expect updates? Should I just bookmark this page, or will you be changing it?

    Take care, Nick.

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