New moderators

I notice that there is a dearth of notifications here, and that having quit Quora, I’m not best place to keep this blog up to date. I also note that despite being a co-owner of the Quora Necrologue, Lyonel Perabo is unable to post there. (It’s not paranoia if everybody’s out to get you.)

Clarissa Lohr and Daniel Ptashny offered to help out when I left, and I have made them admins of this blog, as well as Lyonel. That means you should feel free to notify them on Quora of departures and other such happenings, which any of them can then post here. (Unless they retort that this wasn’t what they signed up for, in which case I will add others and notify people here.)

5 thoughts on “New moderators”

  1. Farewell Nick. You’re a great guy, and you worked very hard, for the good of the Quora community. Be seeing you around though. đŸ™‚

  2. See you on Medium (already followed). And welcome new mods!

    Running behind with keeping up on Quora stuff, too busy hurricane watching, too many friends in the path(s).

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