Do we care about Deactivations?

From… , at least two of you (Dakota Lim and Jennifer Edeburn) do not think deactivations are worth including here. Note that when I started this blog, I did not include Quit notices, which is where a user publicly states they are no longer using Quora.

There is at least one instance I know from external contact of a deactivated user who is never ever coming back; but if they haven’t made a public statement, it’s not a Quit.

Recall also that deactivations have been very problematic to track, because people often reactivate within a day, or deactivate for reasons of taking a work break rather than dissatisfaction; deactivations are not necessarily the same kind of thing as everything else here.

So, poll again. Do you want to see deactivations (as distinct from Quit notices) here? Would you want to see them in a separate channel, as Dakota requested? (Which would really have to be a separate blog.)

EDIT: I’m already seeing there won’t be an overwhelming consensus one way or the other…

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