Masking the Deleted

As you will have noted with some puzzlement, I don’t name deleted users, out of respect of their desire to unperson themselves from Quora: they have the reasonable expectation that they will no longer be searchable on Quora, if they have removed all their content from Quora by deleting their account. (That won’t quite be true, because there will be some plaintext instances of their names, but not many.)

This of course has caused endless confusion for readers of Necrologue, as they have no idea who is being mentioned.

I’m proposing a compromise of adding to the link an obfuscated version of the deleted users’ name, so that people can have at least a hint of who they were. For example,

  • Nick N.
  • N*ck N*ch*l*as

Is that respecting their wishes, or too much of a loophole?

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