2017–08–04, bis

Quit (Temporary):

Given the changes this week (8/3/2017) Changes to further emphasize canonical questions by Sumi Kim on Quora Product Updates, I will be taking a break from Quora.

Sad day for Quora. If you get rid of all details except links, and links don’t say what they are to (like the details in What are some ways that Gary Vaynerchuk is extremely emotionally intelligent?) I will never be comfortable answering those questions. Basic Internet safety, I don’t click on undifferentiated links.

I’ve been getting Quora Bot notifications this afternoon, watching details disappear—feels like that scene in Agents of Shield, where bits of reality keep disappearing knowing it will eventually be all gone.

Guess I’ll disappear for a while, and check on things in a week or two.

I understand the goal, I’m just deeply disturbed by the choice of how to accomplish it. This is not Wikipedia, and questions cannot be slimmed down the way a Wikipedia entry can.

Another notification from the Quora Bot, just as I’m writing this comment. I shall go hide away, and see if things look better next week. I expect I’ll come back to a thousand or more notifications from the Quora Bot. What a disaster.

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