Official that LD Ulrich is gone. Quora asked him for a government-issued ID which, he told me, struck him as absurd and crazy. He says he enjoyed his time, but it is done.

Withholding Answers:

Also, my own little vacation from the site has just been extended. My new laptop had a child/beverage-spill-related mishap, and will be out of commission for a couple of weeks.

What’s more, Quora just, after spectacularly protracted delays, rejected two appeals of mine — permanently collapsing two of my most popular (and more anodyne!) answers — in a manner peremptory and rude enough to suggest that I’m persona non grata.

I knew this, of course, and duly resigned myself to paying for any Patagonia garments I might wish to own, but I’m weary of the site’s politics, its starchy sense of its own significance, and the yammering of its apologists, and, what is more, I have felt how liberating it is not to waste one’s time here. I never realized quite how much my intellectual life was suffering until staying away from Quora left me with all this time to read, think, play the piano, and such.

So. I’m on a hiatus that may turn into my quietus. But I am checking my messages and encourage any of my friends — they know who they are — to contact me elsewhere as well. Against the day of my inevitable ban (if I don’t actively decide to leave), I welcome those who would like to remain in touch to message me their email addresses (if they haven’t already).

Posts on this blog will only point to the profile of users, and mention any reason for sanction given in edit profiles. Speculation about why people have been banned or blocked will not be entertained. BNBR applies in comments.

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