I just got an email from the Quora Moderation stating that my privileges were restored!!!

“Original ban was made in error; reverting.”

I still don’t understand what was that all about.

But I was in limbo.

I still believe that there is a room for improvement in Quora Moderation.

A person with full name and credentials should write an email, explain why the ban, editing, etc, and leave space and time for a question and answer session to resolve the issue.

I put quite lot of effort in Quora and I would really hate all of it to go away.

Thanks to you guys for all the comments. Cheers!

Oh! And a practical comment. It seems that all of my answers (some 600 of them) were automatically collapsed. I got it in notifications. I went from one answer to the another and it always said “collapsed” at the top. I tried to appeal, desperately searched where did I break some policy, etc. Anybody knows what happens in similar cases. Some of the answers are completely technical so there is no chance of any violation whatsoever!!!

Posts on this blog will only point to the profile of users, and mention any reason for sanction given in edit profiles. Speculation about why people have been banned or blocked will not be entertained. BNBR applies in comments.

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