2017–05–20, ter


  • User [M*rtin V*dakara]
    • Reason Given: Multiple Violations
    • Statement (Email):

Got banned.

Though to be quite why would they ban me now instead of before?


To be quite honest I’m quite disgusted at Quora. I don’t mind being banned I deserve it though to be quite how they banned me now randomly is ridiculous.

The real name policy is a problem. It attracts trolls, destroys the company image, and anger pisses me off when they target and stalk other users on Facebook.

Obviously I know the people reading this won’t who I am since I was not a very popular writer. I just want to say that I’m quite sad I never had a chance to say goodbye. Bye Gigi J Wolf. Bye Korey Daniel. Bye Sierra Spaulding. Bye Laura Campbell. Bye Crayssa Kramer. Bye David Payne. Bye Salwa Halabia. Bye Tom Ramsey. As well as the people who followed me and I upvoted over my time at Quora.

I’m out of the matrix. I guess I’m free.

I probably pissed people off unintentionally and intentionally during my time since October 2015. I’m glad I was exposed to new knowledge and perspectives. But I’m just glad that somebody upvoted me. I’m happy that I got to write some small answers and just reveal a little bit of myself to the world at a time.

Sigh. Adam D’ Anglo. Seriously dude, if you care about Quora make sure you do something about about trolls?


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