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I’m very sad to say that I’ll be leaving Quora very soon. I will be deleting my account as I’m spending way to much time on here. I’ll leave this message up for a week or so so that you have a little bit of warning but then I’ll be deleting my account. Maybe I’ll come back someday and make a new one but for now it’s going away. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Returned (UnQuit):

Formerly known as Jamie Barth. Yes, it’s me. I left for a month. I’m back now. I’m going to try to not let Quora be so addictive this time around.

And yes, I can prove I am Jamie Barth.

Jamie Barth was a pseudonym, and I told the Quora admins that is was a pseudonym when I deleted my account last month. Now that they know it’s not my real name, they said I would have to use my real name if I ever came back.

You can ask Morgan Evans or Brooke Schwartz or Habib Fanny. It’s really me. I can get other people to vouch for me too, if you need more convincing.

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