Some levity

This seems to be the first day in 10 days without anything to report.

I mean, I could report retrospectively Vicky Prest’s just expired edit block, but I’m going with: “This seems to be the first day in 10 days without anything to report.”

So. Some levity. Or maybe gallows humour.

Levity the first.

User features in these annals. I’ve just unearthed from my Facebook Messenger annals (seem to have missed it at the time) what Kate saw as her ban notification:

The jokes really do write themselves.

Levity the second.

This is an image that has struck terror in the heart of many a Quoran over the past couple of weeks:

I’m sorry, guys. You really have come to see me as this guy, haven’t you:

Or maybe this guy:

As long as you don’t confuse me with this guy:

Levity the Third:

LEADING STARTUP FIRE by Victor Goodwin on Musings

You know you’ve been on Quora too long when you recognise all the allusions. Several of them predate Necrologue.

Levity the Fourth.

From beyond the grave, Sophie Dockx has sent me this Hiphopian Eulogy for our Friends in Exile, written by Sophidocles of Amversa:

Micus Droppus, indeed…

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