A request, and a cri de coeur

A request

At Stephen McInerney’s request again, I will be including archival posts in future statistics. I invite people to submit more reports of past bans, to make any such stats more representative.

A cri de coeur

People have been saying how depressing Necrologue is to read.

I’ve just written what I thought was going to be my 2000th answer, which turned out to be my 1999th. (Nick Nicholas’ answer to Can you write a sonnet about Quora?) It was supposed to be a celebration, but it’s hard for it to be when you’re running Necrologue, and The Insurgency.

I’ve just written my 2000th answer, which is Nick Nicholas’ answer to Can one write one’s own epitaph for the Necrologue blog? (Answer: sure, just PM me with it, in case I should need to use it, God forbid.)

I’m not deactivating or anything, but the deluge of reports on Necrologue has gotten to me, and I’ve been having a crappy day anyway. I’m taking a break for a day. No sexies tonight.

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