Hey. Byun Baekjin here. Also known by many other endearing nicknames such as Jin, Calli, Callipso, Star, Kohai and Byun.

As many names as I may have, I am not famous on Quora. That’s a dream I’ve worked towards every day, devoting countless hours on the wonderful Quora, sacrificing the time I should’ve used studying for my college classes. That’s how much Quora meant and still means to me. I have a passion for writing, which I’ve been indulged in for more than 12 years. My writing is a window to my heart and mind and its been my dream to share my heart and mind with the world, a world recently shattered when I was notified by Quora mods via email that I was banned for possessing multiple accounts on Quora.

This is a completely false charge. I’ve always been a law-abiding Quoran. I never violated BNBR policies or any other Quoran community guidelines worthy of a ban. I take Quora’s policies very seriously. And I never had more than 1 account on Quora.

There is another Quoran account under a similar name: Baekjin Byun. What are the odds that our names are nearly identical, if this is the reason why Quoran mods charged me?

Very frankly, Quora is an amazing community. The concept is simply fantastic. Free knowledge to share with the world? Genius. Also very frankly, I am very frustrated with Quoran mods. As great As they are, they make many mistakes in “modding”. I was initially edit blocked for supposedly violating “fake-name” policy, for which I made a successful appeal. And now this issue.

I’ve worked way too hard to let my account go, especially when I am completely innocent. I hope the mods prove themselves to be just, reasonable, and fair.

Hopefully I’ll see you all around some day. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support and help.

I was banned from Quora at 2:47 PM. It’s stated that I was banned for using multiple accounts. There’s a lot of confusion going on, so let’s make a few things clear. This isn’t a regular ban. I have never used multiple accounts, and I have no intention of using them. I haven’t ever violated the terms of service. Quora is cutting out a devoted member of it’s [sic] user base by doing this. They have gained nothing. Secondly, a few of my more compassionate friends on this website have asked questions related to this ban within minutes of it happening. Obviously I was freaked out. The freakier thing is that Moderation collapsed the question. They don’t want word of this circling around. Which is even more suspicious. Lastly, there’s some talk that the individual that forced my friend off of this website due to his name’s appearance on a doxx board is responsible. Due to the BNBR policy, I can’t reveal his identity. It is entirely possible that he’s also responsible for the ban, since he has a very high people rating with Quora. If I want back on Quora, I’ll have to verify that I didn’t have multiple accounts. So much for the adage, innocent until proven guilty, huh?

Posts on this blog will only point to the profile of users, and mention any reason for sanction given in edit profiles. Speculation about why people have been banned or blocked will not be entertained. BNBR applies in comments.