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“Well, I’m done with Quora – just deleted my account. A few days ago I had an answer included in Quora Digest [User’s answer to Shouldn’t people follow the director of the EPA now that he has stated that humans are likely not responsible for climate change? Shouldn’t people follow his lead and support traditional fossil fuels and reject climate change treaties?]; it was a response to a Trumpkin troll asking if “liberals” would now shut up about climate change since Scott Pruitt has declared that there’s no such thing. I explained in my answer that what he had said wasn’t science; he had expressed what is technically known as an “opinion”, or sometimes “bullshit”. Of course, since then the comment thread has been running about 90% in favour and 10% denialistas.

But despite apparently being good enough for Quora Digest, it seems hearing that politicians sometimes spout bullshit hurt somebody’s butt, because the very same answer was just collapsed and given a BNBR warning. I can no longer tolerate the incompetence of Quora’s moderation, and in any case, I wouldn’t want to contribute to a site that apparently thinks pointing out that politicians bullshit is harmful to their widdle feewings. Like so many other writers before me, I’m voting with my feet.”

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