If you are writing elsewhere…

If you are leaving Quora (whether of your own volition or not), and will continue to write elsewhere online—such as on:

—I encourage you to provide that information in your communications with me for entries in this blog.

What are some Quora alternatives?


Quit (Temporary):

I am deactivating my Quora account until Quora disseminates an official, public statement regarding misattribution of comments due to bot activity in the first week of August, 2017.

Editorial Note: An apology has reportedly been posted to the Top Writers Facebook group. The Top Writers Facebook group is not open, so any statements made there are not public.

Editorial Note: Quora’s answer to When will Quora be removing our names from the comments they created based on the question details we edited before deprecated in August 2017? The comments should have been authored by a Quora bot, not by innocent users.

Posts on this blog will only point to the profile of users, and mention any reason for sanction given in edit profiles. Speculation about why people have been banned or blocked will not be entertained. BNBR applies in comments.

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