Blog Guidelines

The Argologue (“listing of the inactive”) is a community blog for tracking Quora users who have deactivated their accounts. It is a sister blog to Necrologue, but it is run differently:

  • Submissions are welcomed from any Quora user, about either their own deactivation or others’.
  • Submissions are welcomed for either deactivations or reactivations.
  • There is no fixed template, and no editorial intervention by the blog owner (me) other than approving posts.
  • BNBR continues to apply, in content and comments.
  • There is no requirement that you wait to confirm before posting a deactivation. (You may want to do so anyway.)
  • Deactivations by themselves are no longer in scope of Necrologue, and notifications of deactivation will be redirected to this blog.
  • Deactivations with an accompanying quit notice are still in scope of Necrologue, if the quit notices indicate that the user is departing Quora permanently, or temporarily for reasons internal to Quora.

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