New Blog for Deactivated Quora Users

Per discussion under Do we care about Deactivations?, I will be launching a new blog limited to reporting deactivations. This blog will complement Necrologue. Deactivations with the following criteria will still feature on Necrologue:

  • Deactivations accompanied with a quit notice, indicating that the user
    • is leaving Quora permanently
    • is leaving Quora temporarily, at least in part because of reasons internal to Quora (moderation, trolling, UI, whatever)

Deactivations with no quit notice, or that are temporary and for personal reasons (studying for exams, adopting puppies, preserving marriages) shall be reported to the new blog instead.

The new blog shall accept submissions by any Quora user, and I will be limiting my involvement to accepting subscriptions, and reading it.

The people of Quora can name the blog whatever they want, so long as they choose one of the four obscure Hellenic names I’ve just made up for it, by 2017–04–11.

New Blog for Deactivated Quora Users by Nick Nicholas on Assorted Polls

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