Administrivia #2

Update to guidelines

Unlike Quora, I update people when policies are updated. 🙂 So:

  • Contributors may choose to be named in the posts. If so, please indicate it in the note you send me.
  • Posts on this blog will only name the users in question. Speculation about why people have been banned or blocked will not be entertained. If I find what could be construed as speculation or BNBR violations, I will invite commenters to delete their comments.
    • I am never happy to do so, because transparency is a good thing. But the BNBR and Privacy policies can be invoked against users by Quora, and I would rather preempt that.
    • Call it a chilling effect, but again, I would rather not join them in being banned.
    • ΟΤΟΗ, links in comments to posts or comments by the users themselves, about why they were moderated, and mention of publicly visible entries in their edit logs, are permissible.
  • BNBR applies in comments.


As a reminder, I am appending the following notice to all posts henceforth:

Speculation and value judgements about why people have been disciplined will not be entertained.

I’ve gotten into a debate with a Quora user about this blog (once again, no links), and it’s unsettled me. I’m taking what I judge to be necessary action to preserve this blog—but also to prevent it into becoming a place for attacking miscreants. That’s not what I want, and that’s not what the community needs.

Some people may well have deserved it. Maybe even most. Some may not. But the purpose of this blog is to raise visibility of moderator actions; not to protest it.

Thank you.

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