Guidelines for this blog

A list of Quora users who have been banned, who have left Quora, or who are currently edit blocked.

I solicit personal messages from users, to let me know who’s been banned or blocked: How does Nick Nicholas keep track of all those Quora users who are banned, edit blocked, deactivated, etc?

Because I would rather not join them, I am (regretfully) imposing the following rules on this blog:

  • This blog will publish notifications as they come to the editor’s attention.
  • The user named must have reached a reasonable level of notability: at least 100 followers. No exceptions, though I have been tempted.
  • This information must be independently verifiable (big red banner on their profile; posting by the user indicating that they are leaving Quora; notice of edit blocking in user log).
  • Contributors may choose to be named in the posts. If so, please indicate it in the note you send me.
  • Posts on this blog will only name the users in question. Speculation about why people have been banned or blocked will not be entertained. If I find what could be construed as speculation or BNBR violations, I will invite commenters to delete their comments.
    • I am never happy to do so, because transparency is a good thing. But the BNBR and Privacy policies can be invoked against users by Quora, and I would rather preempt that.
    • Call it a chilling effect, but again, I would rather not join them in being banned.
    • ΟΤΟΗ, links in comments to posts or comments by the users themselves, about why they were moderated, and mention of publicly visible entries in their edit logs, are permissible.
  • Deleted users have chosen to remove their identity from Quora. Their wish will be respected on this blog. Users are only identified in posts by links to their profile; if a sanctioned user subsequently deletes their account, they will only appear in the blog post as “User”, and the blog notice of the deletion will identify them only by a link to the last post where they were mentioned. Where I know who they are, I will be leaving a comment on those deletion entries, giving their name with the first vowel in each name component asterisked.
  • No value judgement about why people have been banned will be entertained. Some people may well have deserved it. Maybe even most. Some may not. But the purpose of this blog is to raise visibility of moderator actions; not to protest it.
  • BNBR applies in comments.

The naming convention for posts on this blog is:

  • For a current event (within the past fortnight): the date of the report
  • For an archival event (before the last fortnight):
    • Originally: the date of the report, followed by “archival”. E.g. 2017–03–21, archival (referring to an event in 2017–01–16).
    • Going forward: the date of the event, followed in brackets by the date of the report and “archival”. E.g. 2017–01–16 (2017–03–21, archival).
  • If there is more than one post of its kind per day, they are differentiated through a Latin multiplicative adverb. (2: bis “twice”, 3: ter, 4: quater, 5: quinquies, 6: sexies, 7: septies, 8: octies, 9: nonies, 10: decies)
    • 2017–01–02, octies means the eighth non-archival post for 2 Jan, 2017.

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